Grainger Gallery is an art gallery in the heart of Canberra’s revitalised Dairy Rd Precinct, Fyshwick.

 Established by artist, Kacy Grainger, as a space for experiencing art, the Grainger Gallery showcases a strong stable of nationally renowned artists as well as nurturing the talent of our emerging artists. Envisioned as a place of industry, character and positive creative energy, with a strong ethos to always act in our artists best interests, Grainger gallery aims to align our interests with those of our artists and to be artist led.

 As such, we believe the connection between patron and artist becomes an exchange of energy and we encourage the idea that it should be a highly personal experience. The artwork which we choose to bring into our homes can be much more than a decorative element. It can be meaningful to us and an expression of our identity. It should resonate with our experience of being human and enrich our lives. We want to foster the idea that collecting art is not just about ownership, but about backing the artists and makers which we as individuals believe in.

We can all be patrons.

Kacy Grainger

Kacy Grainger

Richard Grainger


Grainger Art Advisory provides a personal  service, tailored to your residential and commercial needs. We consider the individual’s interests, values, goals and consider your investment and aesthetic needs. 

We work within your budget to source artworks for homes, corporate, commercial and retail space. Art is what we love and with access to artists from around the globe we can find the best contemporary art to curate your space. 

Grainger Gallery offers leasing of artworks from our collection which includes paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures, and drawings from emerging artists to mid-career and established artists. Art leasing is a cost-effective way to beautify work and living spaces.

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