Memento Mori, Gin Feast (Ornate Frame) - Lauren Starr

Lauren Starr

Memento Mori, Gin Feast (Ornate Frame)

85 x 120 cmFine Art Photograph, with mixed media and 23k gold leaf Archival Printing
Lemons were included in so many Dutch still life paintings - in the 17th century they were a luxury, and the Dutch also like to flavour their spirits with peel. The pears represent abundance and the feminine form. Gold fish are symbols of good luck and fortune, although one wonders if this particular fish is so lucky. What I particularly love about creating a still life, is incorporating little quirks, like mum's yellow cat pepper shaker that is broken, but too loved to throw away. The sand timer and dead butterfly both signify the temporary nature of any abundance. Enjoy, but remember everything has a season.