Sarah Waghorn

Sarah Waghorn

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    Sarah Waghorn’s work explores gardens and interiors. 

    She celebrates the way humans have imprinted their individual character upon the landscape through their horticulture and in their interiors through a display of collected fabric, furniture and colour.
    In portraying the clutter and complexity of a busy scene in both the larger close up florals and the interiors, details of these forms are played out in her use of colour and brushstrokes
    She mostly paints in oils. Often her ideas are conceived in gouache first and then transposed into an oil painting. Some of these gouache paintings are beginning to take on a life of their own.
    ’I am not a realist painter but more of a figurative modern impressionist - I strive for a more whimsical narrative and try to convey the delight I personally feel at the image I have set out to portray.’

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  • Sarah Waghorn

    Garden Of Eden
    102 x 76 cm Oil on Canvas Sold
  • Sarah Waghorn

    ‘Booti Booti Banksias’ (diptych | framed as two paintings)
    122 x 76 cm Oil on Canvas Sold