Sarah Mcdonald

Sarah Mcdonald

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    The Gum tree is an iconic and essential part of Australia's natural environment. These wonderful Australian natives have played an important role and found a significant place in our cultural identity, featuring heavily in Australian art, literature and songs.

    I have been observing a group of trees for the last 9 month that I walk through each day before I head to my studio. I have documented these trees and the way they change in colour, respond to the season’s and shed their skin. Tree Bark is similar in many ways to our own skin and is essential for a tree’s survival. I have fallen in love with the detail of colour and texture of the tree bark of the group of trees I have been studying. There is a lot more to bark the of a tree than first meets the eye.

    At first glance you’ll notice not much more variety than subtle differences in shades of grey and brown. Moving closer and spending time examining each tree, you’ll discover an astounding diversity of bark patterns, textures and colours. Its remarkable diversity in texture and colour is integral to the tree bark’s beauty. I have a deep connection with them and my aim is to capture the intricate beauty of their “skin’. Drawing the viewer right up close to notice these “hidden jewels” within tree bark that may often go unnoticed.

    Through my application of heavily layered oil paint applied with my palette knives, I aim to capture that same tactile quality of the trunk of a tree that makes you want to go up and touch it.

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Sarah Mcdonald

More Than Skin Deep 4 (Framed Oak Timber Float Frame)
95 x 65cm Oil on Linen Sold