Kirsty McIntyre

Kirsty McIntyre

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    Kirsty McIntyre is a Melbourne based artist working mainly with palette knife and oil paint on canvas, with Australian themed still life subjects, and the backyard birds that visit her compositions.

    Initially self-taught she has since had private tuition and workshops with artists, Ron Reynolds, Richard Claremont, Jenie Fawkner, Nicholas Chen and Catherine Kehoe.

    These small artworks offer glimpses of a “painted table” – either tightly composed, or in the case of “Silver mallee with assorted vessels” serendipitously arranged. Whilst my initial focus is on the objects themselves, especially Australian flora and their arrangement and colour balance, increasingly the negative space of the table with its painted shadows becomes just as important.

    The process of composition can resemble performance art, orchestrating the bringing together of the seasonal fruit, flowers, objects, with a sunlit day, shadows moving according to the time of day, passing clouds, wind moving cloth and leaves, rotation of the table, until all falls into an internally satisfying whole, captured immediately with sketches and photographs for later rendition in acrylic underpainting, then oil paint on canvas using brush and palette knife.

    Kirsty’s work is held in private collections in the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    In 2021 she participated in curated group exhibitions at the Milk Factory gallery in Bowral NSW, the Weswal gallery in Tamworth NSW and the Moree gallery in Moree, NSW, with a solo exhibition planned for 2022.

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Kirsty McIntyre

Silver Mallee With Assorted Vessels
33.5 x 33 cm Oil on Canvas Sold

Kirsty McIntyre

Still Life with Deco Teaset
63 x 63.5 cm Oil on Canvas Sold