Ingrid Düsselberg

Ingrid Düsselberg

  • Biography

    Ingrid Düsselberg is a contemporary sculpural artist.

    Ingrid Dusselberg was born in Italy, but spent her childhood in Germany. After years of travel through Africa, Asia and Australia, she migrated with her husband to Melbourne, Australia.

    Here Ingrid fell in love with clay and completed formal studies in ceramics. Ingrid loves the tactile quality of clay and the three dimensional aspect of sculpture. She specialises in stylised, figurative pieces, depicting women, exploring emotions and relationships with animals working straight from the heart.

    In another line of her work, Ingrid expresses her deep love and concern for the many endangered species on our planet.

    Ingrid exhibits regularly nationally and internationally. She has won many awards and was a finalist in the last Australian Ceramic Award Exhibition, Manningham.

    “ Creating pieces for galleries or exhibitions as well as sharing knowledge through teaching at the school, I run with my husband, results in a wonderful balance in my life.”

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  • Ingrid Düsselberg

    30 x 46 x 17 cm Stoneware clay, layered slips $1,400.00
  • Ingrid Düsselberg

    38 x 32 x 23 cm Stoneware clay, layered slips $1,400.00