Daniel Leone

Daniel Leone

  • Biography

    Daniel Leone (he/him/) is a mixed media artist and craftsman born and raised in
    the ACT on Ngunnawal and Ngambri country.

    Daniel's practice incorporates ceramics, timber, bonsai and found objects.
    Natural materials are a feature within his work, marrying together the untamed
    with the curated. Connotations of environmental themes are certainly conveyed.
    Living by a resourceful ethos of up-cycling materials in his immediate
    environment drives his unique creations. This approach results in one-off pieces
    that push design boundaries while utilising his technical skills.

    Concept and purpose are important elements of Daniel's work, however Daniel's
    work can easily be appreciated for its own aesthetic qualities and craftsmanship
    alone. Daniel's art engages with people from all walks of life. Works that don't
    necessarily require explanations intrigue viewers and spark investigation
    bridging the common and academic worlds.

    Daniel’s admiration for ancient cultures and the timelessness of their art is
    reflected in the methodology of his constructions. Traditional methods of hand-
    building with minimal machining connect him to the instinctive process of
    creation. This evokes an inevitable connection between the object and its

    Daniel's ongoing engagement with the community provides him the crucial
    feedback necessary to expand and develop one's practice. This has allowed
    Daniel to participate in a wide range of events over the years such as classes,
    demonstrations, lectures, group shows, and collaborations.

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Daniel Leone

Ikebana Form #2
30 x 13 cm Highfired Stoneware and Found Objects $500.00