Thomas Bucich

Thomas Bucich

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    Thomas Bucich, a New York native and permanent resident in Australia, has pursued his
    professional career running a multi-disciplinary studio in Art and Design since 1990.
    From classical fine arts training at The Arts Students League and a Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Degree in Architectural Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City, Thomas’s
    career has spanned across the architectural interior and fine arts markets in New York and
    Following nearly three decades producing luxury interior residential and commercial
    environments, while also maintaining an active fine art practice; Thomas has now
    committed to a full time pursuit of expanding his art through commissions, working
    alongside art consultants and producing exhibitions. His works are created in a variety of
    mediums including cast bronze, carved stone, and manipulated found objects through to
    works on paper and canvas.
    Whilst exhibiting in various galleries in Sydney and Regionally, Thomas has won major
    sculpture prizes and commissions including the Thredbo Sculpture prize with permanent
    placement of a life size cast bronze in the Thredbo Village Green, and more recently The
    Moss Vale Veterans War Memorial - an 18 metre long relief mixed media sculpture. His
    works are also in the permanent collections of several international hotels, corporate
    offices, restaurants and private collectors.

    "The innate need to create drives the plasticity in my practice and allows me to roam
    between the disciplines of drawing, painting and sculpture in some sort of poetic
    Through the methods of experimentation and unexpected use of combination of
    materials, acceptance of chance reactions, the creative process and discipline is altered
    and manifested. The process informs the finished work. The working, assembling,
    recycling and modifying of materials amplifies their spirit essence; as in the ancient
    alchemical practices, which transforms lead into gold.
    My latest works are a reflection on my connection with culture, self, society and the
    natural environment; observer and observed, perceptions of nature and man.
    Art is often described as a mirror to the culture in which it is produced. My intention for
    my work is to mirror the reciprocal beauty and chaos / creation and destruction of nature
    and human spirit. "

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  • Thomas Bucich

    Relic Bundle Dome 1
    54 x 24 x 24cm Dome, Nickel Electroplated Bark, Pigment $2,800.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Bucich Relic Bundle
    54 x 24 x 24cm Dome, Nickel Electroplated Bark, Pigment $2,800.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    190 x 90 x 90cm Burnt and Carved Reclaimed Wood, Enamel $12,500.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Relic XI - Nickel, Burnt Wood Base
    135 x 20 x 19cm Nickel Electroplated Bark, Pigment - on marble base $3,600.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Relic - Burnt and Blue
    113 x 25 x 25.5cm Reclaimed Wood, Pigment, Steel Base $3,800.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Specimen X
    80 x 25 x 15 cm Copper Electroplated Branch, Burnt Wood, Nails $1,600.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Specimen XI
    20 x 42 x 12 cm Copper Electroplated Branch, Burnt Wood, Nails $1,200.00
  • Thomas Bucich

    Seated Figure (Edition 3 of 8)
    36 x 20 x 20 cm Lost wax bronze cast on marble base Sold
  • Thomas Bucich

    Looming Relics 1 & 2
    1300 x 60 x 60 cm Burnt Bark, Steel and Charcoal Sold
  • Thomas Bucich

    Relic - Nickel, Blue 021020
    96 x 55 x 22 cm Nickel Electroplated Bark, Pigment - on marble base $3,800.00