Carolyn V Watson

Carolyn V Watson

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    Largely self-taught, Carolyn V Watson is a multi-award-winning Brisbane based artist. A maker that works through surface and form, anchoring her practise in a place between the natural and the artificial.

    Her method is highly intuitive, labour intensive and relies heavily on the relationship between materials and line as a means of guidance. For Carolyn, there is an echo that remains of the original source material, but through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, a new translation is built.

    These handmade forms provide an intimate experience for the audience, serving as a portal into an alternate world, where one can interact with exotic marvels and improbable botany.

    “Addressing elements of abstraction and landscape, there is a playful relationship between the sourced natural materials and the intervention of myself, the maker. As the pieces develop, they transgress obvious anatomical boundaries to reach a state of the in-between. It is neither alive nor dead nor is it exclusively animal or botanical.” – Carolyn V Watson

    In 2020 Carolyn, was selected as a finalist for Tom Bass Prize for figurative sculpture and has been a finalist for the John Fries Memorial prize (2012) Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award(2012) and received the Shillam Award Frank Lambert Memorial Prize, Brisbane Sculpture Festival (2017)

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Carolyn V Watson

50 x 25 x 25 cm Bell jar, hand turned timber, epoxy clay, glass and porcelain spheres, cattle rib bone $1,750.00